Secure Code Warrior

Deep-Dive Product Demonstration - Scaffolded Learning

Learn how our new Walkthrough & Missions immersive hands-on training activities increases developer engagement and progressively up-skill your developers with a proven scaffolded approach to learning.

Courses are the bedrock of the Secure Code Warrior learning platform, as it provides framework-specific learning pathways that empowers you to build coding awareness and competency within your overall cybersecurity program.
Now with new Walkthroughs and Missions activities, developers can experience the impact of poor coding practices, gain context, and practice their offensive skills with hands-on coding simulations of real-world apps.
Increase educational outcomes and developer engagement by progressively building secure coding skills, a proven scaffolded approach to adult learning. Plus, these latest enhancements combat player fatigue with a wide range of offensive and interactive coding missions that will test developers’ secure coding knowledge and skills.

Key topics include: 

  • Live demo of Walkthroughs and Missions in Courses
  • New templates covering OWASP Top 10 2021, NIST/US Government Executive Order, Certification Level 4/5
  • Scaffolded learning and how it progressively builds secure coding skills for your teams